We are thrilled to announce this year the launch of the 1,000 Dreams Fund, an exciting new scholarship fund and platform aimed at empowering young women through $1,000 scholarships (or micro-grants) for critical out-of-classroom experiences and educational expenses.

Scholarships are important among college students. Nowadays, college tuition can run up to more than $50,000 a year (that’s some serious dough). The price of tuition weighs on us when we’re applying to our dream schools. And it is even more stressful after graduation when we have 6 months to start paying back the loans. However,

After dedicating four (or more) years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars to one degree, it’s reasonable to expect a long and successful career in your chosen field. The reality is that your major at 18 may not end up being your dream job at 26 – and that’s OK. According to

We all know talented young women among us. But our research found that over 95% of high school and college-aged women lack access to funding for those critical educational expenses and out-of-classroom experiences that can change lives. WE ARE OUT TO CHANGE THAT. UChic is launching OUR FIRST PRODUCT – the “Gracie” computer case – on Indiegogo today. The campaign