A mistake may be negative during and briefly after, but the negativity and emotional distress surrounding a mistake does dissipate over time. High school and college are very stressful times and although we all strive for perfection, we often make many mistakes. Instead of dwelling about mistakes made, try viewing them as an opportunity for

It’s Friday night and your girlfriends invited you out for a couple of drinks at a new bar that just opened up around campus. Although your heart screams yes, your mind decides to think logically and check your bank account. You realize that your paycheck isn’t looking so hot and you still have a couple

This point of the semester is the worst—midterms, meetings, new leader elections, and the looming stress of the end of the year. I totally get it; I sometimes have so much to do that I just want to curl up in bed and watch Netflix instead. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times, but be

As the second semester is in full swing, it’s easy to feel down. The weather is usually cold (unless you live in the south—lucky gals!), the homework starts to pile up, and for some of us, it may mean graduation’s approaching (um, YIKES!). The amount of stress that students endure sometimes can be overwhelming and

Life is definitely stressful for the average college gal. Juggling classes, a job, an internship, a significant other, or a cat, and still managing to keep it together. While some girls thrive on deadline adrenaline, many others have barely got it together enough to remember the deadline. Whether you are the former or the later,

  It’s commonly said by members of the Greek system that with Greek life, you get out of it what you put into it. A sorority can be a big commitment, and there’s always a fundraiser or social event to attend. Because of this, balancing sorority life with school life can be tough, especially during

By Guest Blogger Taylor Jennings With the evolution of technology and the promotion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), more students now utilize tablets and smartphones freely during their classes. The same devices provide them with a myriad of applications, not only for education but also for social and health/physical success. Some phones, such as