With college and university tuitions ranging from $10,000 to $70,000 per year, college is expensive. Scholarships offered through college or university admissions are scarce, and sometimes you may not even know the qualifications or requirements to be offered one. And looking for outside scholarships online can get overwhelming, confusing, and some may not even seem

After several weeks of busy days of Indiegogo updates and fundraising efforts – I’m thrilled to share WE HAVE FULLY FUNDED OUR #1000Dreams INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN! With your support and help, we raised over $29,000 which will fund the production of our Gracie computer case AND 13 scholarships for 13 amazing young women! To all of you

  Last Thursday night, family, friends, funders and UChic ambassadors gathered at TallulahBelle’s in Leawood, KS for our 1,000 Dreams party in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of Kansas City! The super talented Gracie Schram performed a few songs. We celebrated, shared dreams AND WE MET OUR GOAL!! As the evening came to an end, Advisor Yijing Brentano closed the gap

Each week during our 60-day Indiegogo campaign, we will introduce you our Live Your Dream Stars. We are funding these awesome young women if our campaign goal is successfully reached. This week we’d like to introduce you to Maria and Kimberly!    My Dream: My Dream is to work at Pixar photography and animation. My Story: What

    Why #1000Dreams? It’s no secret that here at UChic our mission is to help young women and girls succeed in whatever they put their minds to, and we believe big expenses should never stand in the way of big dreams. But college tuition is soaring, parents’ expendable income is limited, and teens are