UChic Exclusive: Women in the Workplace Interview w/ Nicole Dreyfuss!

*I have been obsessed with the Margaret Nicole cable knit clutch* since…well, for a long time. I constantly visit the website to check out the latest ribbon choices and, while I’m embarassed to admit this, _(but when has that stopped me before)_, I have actually created a mock cable knit clutch out of paper to the exact dimensions so I could see how big it would be. After several months of this, I emailed the company with some questions and was shocked when _(within a few hours)_, I received response from the designer _(Nicole Dreyfuss)_ herself! I was so impressed, I went back to the website and read about her. *Her story about leaving a job on Wall Street to launch a handbag company was so inspiring*, I got back in touch with her and asked to interview her for this month’s Women in the Workplace feature. *Enjoy!*

“*Read the Interview!*”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/116

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  1. Sooze
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    But wow are they expensive! Did she give you a clutch for free?

  2. stacy
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    *No…no free bag for me.* I majored in journalism at college and taking freebies for interviews was always labeled a big no-no. Like I said, I’ve been saving for the bag for a while, birthday money, spare change in my sofa, stuff like that.

    *If you compare her prices to other top handbag designers* _(Coach, Vuitton, YSL)_, you’ll find they’re more than reasonable, even though it’s not completely a recognizable brand yet, they’re so unique, especially since you can customize your own with ribbon choices, brooches, etc. And trust me, _I’ve looked at knitting patterns_, they are quality bags, lined with pink silk and a magnetic snap. _*stacy_